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GP Letter and Subject Verification

Dear Dr

Re: The UK study to identify the inherited cause of high blood pressure

I am writing to ask for your help with our investigation into the inherited cause of high blood pressure. With ethical approval we have been searching for families with two healthy affected/unaffected parents and a child with high blood pressure. The following patient in your practice is a member of a family we are studying and has consented to help.



I wondered since this patient has given their consent and we believe them to be hypertensive, whether you or your practice nurse could help us by completing the attached form and sending it back to us in the enclosed pre-paid envelope.

If this subject takes part in the study, we will be able to provide you with the following results: 24 hour Ambulatory blood pressure, 24 hour urine, blood haematology/biochemistry, electrocardiogram and height/weight results. We will not be offering any advice or alter any treatment as a consequence of results we receive. We will provide you with the results and leave any treatment modifications to you. All information the patient and you supply will remain confidential.

The patient is aware that we have contacted you and are waiting to hear from you. We very much hope you will assist us with this study by completing the enclosed questionnaire. Should you wish to know more about the study, please do not hesitate in calling one of the research nurses working in your area - they are; Jane Pheby, Jo Kent, Janine Pembroke and Sandy Colville-Stewart on 0207 882 3421 (3425/3424).

With thanks for your help.

Yours sincerely,

Jo Kent, Jane Pheby, Janine Pembroke & Sandy Colville-Stewart