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Recruitment procedures

Under the direction of Janine Pembroke (Nurse Co-ordinator for the MRC BRIGHT Study) the research programme has now successfully recruited two hypertensive family resources using the MRC General Practice Framework. Over 1700 affected sibling pairs have been recruited for the primary purpose of performing a genome screen for hypertension genes. 800 hypertensive trios (affected proband and parents) have been recruited for fine mapping and candidate gene studies. We are currently recruiting normotensive controls, which are age, sex and geographically matched to the hypertensive probands from our sbling pair resource. This new resource will augment our current collection allowing powerful association and replicative studies to be performed.

In order to attain consistency in phenotyping, genetic counselling and recruitment procedures the Nurse Co-ordinator developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) accompanied by regular training updates for all the study nurses.

Figure 1 will now guide you through the standardised recruitment process for the sib pair study. Should you wish to view some of the documentation used for the study please click on the relevant links.

Figure 1

Recruitment co-ordination
Regional nurse contact details
Contact MRC GP Surgeries
Return of Questionnaire
MRC BRIGHT nurse telephone/letter contact
Verification of interest and willingness to participate
Telephone Screening by MRC BRIGHT Nurse
Confirm eligibility of each family member
Obtain pre-diagnosis BP records for each member
Ensure GP details correspond to affected individuals responses for eligibility and that each member is well enough to donate a blood sample
Screening visit arranged for each member
Provide written invitation to participate to each member
Obtain Informed Consent
Record personal history details in questionnaire booklet
Record phenotypic measurements
Completion of each family
Provide subjects GP with phenotypic measurements
File all records using unique study number

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